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Read History, News and Insights of the Gambling Industry

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Alan Burridge site where we’ll unravel all the gambling news. My name is Alan Burridge and I’m a former Las Vegas casino owner. Out of all casinos in the world, USA casinos are absolutely the best casinos because of what they offer – whether they are in Vegas or not. However, the gambling news and gambling industry is a really interesting one, it is constantly developing and getting better, which is why if you want to get in the business or simply want to know more about it, you have to be vigorous in reading casino gambling news constantly.

If any of these are your interests, feel free to stay tuned at the Alan Burridge site, we promise you nothing but great and informative time here.

The Evolution of the Gambling Industry

Following the gambling news means nothing if you don’t know how it all started. And it is safe to say, that unlike the casinos we have today the whole gambling industry was subjected to a lot of changes in its evolution, and more surprisingly, it has been linked to humanity for quite some time.

There are quite interesting gambling news info that the earliest evidence of gambling originates back in 2300 BC. And this is the earliest concrete evidence that we have – tiles were unearthed that the people living in Ancient China had “the drawing of wood” which was some rudimentary form of a lottery game.

Many people are also surprised that the dice games might originate from 500BC, and they are mentioned in Greek history, by a Greek poet Sophocles. More importantly, the dice existed even long before that, as the oldest evidence of one we have is on an Egyptian tomb from 3000BC.

Fast forward to the 1400s, when the first game that we still know of today was played in casinos. It was the game of baccarat, although the earlier baccarat games were somewhat different than the ones we know of. The first casinos opened and operated in Europe, on the territories of the UK, Italy and France.

The first semi-sophisticated casino resembling the casinos we know of today was opened in Italy in the 17th century, it was named the Ridotto, and it was established as a controlled gambling environment in Venice.

In the 1976, the first gambling machine – the slots games machine was established in New York. This machine wasn’t as shiny or luxurious as the modern slots games, but it was a significant step for the gambling industry.

Today, we have machines of all types, modern casinos, online casino websites and mobile casinos, and the gambling news still surprise us with new advancements in the gambling industry.

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Brief History of the First Casinos

USA was always a country with rich history and entertainment culture, so it doesn’t come as big gambling news that the casinos were popular even back in the days. In fact, with so many cultures spreading there, the odds were in favor of developing the casino industry. So, this is why some of the best casinos in the world were in fact, established here. For instance, there were really cool riverboat casinos like the River Belle Casino, and there were other really amazing ones throughout the country – High Noon Casino and Yukon Gold Casino.

After casinos took over Nevada and Las Vegas, the odds of them being really successful increased with the recognition from famous people like Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe staying there. The first popular USA casinos here were The Golden Gate Casino on Freemont Street and The Flamingo.

How I Reached the Top?

I knew that before getting into the industry the odds of me making it were low. However, I was determined to make it happen.

The industry is a quite competitive one, with so many laws and regulations, and a really high bar for making it. This is why I was constantly amazed by the spectacular interior, and I simply wanted to get into the industry. Although the odds weren’t in my favor in the beginning, I surely tried my best so meet the standards. I got spectacular interior design for my casino, I organized music live shows to ensure that there will be a great ambiance for the people who play casino games in the casino, and whatnot.

I kept reading gambling news and learning what I needed to. Also, I made sure that I offered the best odds in my casino for the players, so that I would attract them. In the end, it was a wonderful journey, and I liked beating the odds.

Latest Gambling News & Trends

The latest gambling news revolve around online casinos, as there are the trendiest casinos in the world now. Online casinos are really convenient, and they are really practical. You have info on everything – numerous casino games, odds and favors, you can do some sports betting while having the live odds and whatnot. Also, online casinos are really popular because they are easily accessible. You simply log on, and you are good to go – no need to make a trip. You can access them from the comfort of your home. Also, the games they offer have great odds. You get all the knowledge, thus, you have higher odds of winning real money easily.

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