Unlike many fan clubs, Motorheadbangers do not have a vast array of T-shirts on offer. In general, Motorhead T-shirts are available at the band’s gigs, so take sufficient cash to get yours. The fan club T-shirts offered from time-to-time are unique to Motorheadbangers, they are approved by the band, are one-off collectors Limited Editions, and are available for a limited time only. There are reasons for this, so please read on…


Somewhat cheesed off with stumping up cash for X number of T-shirts and hoping they would sell was nerve wracking to say the least. Would the fan club members like the design? Would they buy enough to cover the initial outlay? Most times we sweated and just about made it, but sales were too erratic for comfort, and it must be said that many fans suffer with ‘I’ll do it tomorrow syndrome.’ They mean well and want the shirt, but they never get around to writing the cheque, buying the stamp, and sending off. And then they get the hump if the design was popular and it sold out. A way around this had to be found, not only to remove the sweating on sales factor, but to nudge fans into getting their arse into gear.


So now, when a really good T-shirt design turns up, what we do is this. The design is shown and offered in the fan club magazine, and we provide dates for (a) the closing date for receipt of your cheque, and (b) the date your order will be despatched. When the closing date for the receipt of the cheques has passed, (a), we order the amount of shirts required, then get them printed in the required sizes. That done, they are sent out on or just before the promised date (b). In this way, MHB’s get an exclusive T-shirt, and an immediate Limited Edition, because once the orders are received and despatched, no more are printed.


Be sure to join and keep an eye on the fan club magazine for offers such as this. In general, a different design is promoted every couple of years, and you can order as many as you want, in any sizes you need, and all you have to do is make sure you send the money by the date given. Easy or what?