Ian Fraser Kilmister (24 December 1945 – 28 December 2015) – known to the world as Lemmy – was more than just the driving force of Motörhead. Renowned for his skills as a raconteur and philosopher, he was first and foremost a musician and innovator whose love of music led to his involvement in numerous projects beyond the scope of the band he formed in 1975. Hawkwind and Motörhead fan Alan Burridge had the idea to produce a fanzine about Motörhead in the summer of 1979. A few months later he encountered Lemmy, Fast Eddie Clarke and Philthy Animal Taylor four times on the ‘Bomber’ tour and the resulting interviews and gig reviews formed the basis of the first Motörheadbangers fanzine in January 1980. Three years later Lemmy asked Alan to integrate the fanzine with the Motörheadbangers fan club which had until then been organised by Phil’s sister Helen and their father John. Alan took this on and has run it to the present day, with over 100 Motörheadbangers fanzines to his credit. In addition, he has also written several other books about his beloved Motörhead. Wholly immersed in all things related to Motörhead, Alan began listing and hunting down all of Lemmy’s extra-curricular activities. In »Collateral Damage« he focusses the spotlight on the bands and projects in Lemmy’s life, before and parallel to Motörhead, cataloguing his appearances on film, TV, album tracks, singles and downloads. Given Lemmy’s sad passing on December 28th 2015 Collateral Damage is a true celebration of life beyond Motörhead.


 by Pep Bonet Published by Fonart Publishing
Motörhead Roadkill is a unique visual record that captures the soul of one of the best bands in the Rock ‘n’ Roll world, the British-born band Motörhead. It includes an impressive collection of over 160 rare photographs by renowned photographer Pep Bonet Mallorcan. Bonet has documented the band’s live shows in recent years, travelling with them in their tours (UK, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina), European festivals and sessions at the recording studio in Los Angeles, as well as more personal moments in the lives of the band members, especially their frontman Lemmy Kilmister. Besides the stunning photos by Pep, the book includes texts by some famous Motörhead friends, including Slash, Brian May and Nick McBrain (Iron Maiden drummer), and by Lemmy Kilmister himself. Roadkill is the treasure Unpublished more recent times of the legendary British band, a document in the history of rock. “Thanks to Pep Bonet, you’ll feel like a spy, like the fly on the wall, observing without being seen … as the ultimate voyeur. There are people who have known Mötorhead for decades who have never seen them as intimately as this. Consider yourselves privileged.” Steffan Chirazzi. “My dream was to get to know Motorhead, my worst nightmare was to follow …” Pep Bonet.


 by Alan Burridge Published by Cleopatra Records
This is the most informative book about Motorhead ever, and that is no idle boast. Written by their official biographer, Alan Burridge, who is often referred to by the band’s legions of fans, the Motorheadbangers, as ‘Professor Motorhead’, this book offers the full and in-depth Motorhead story, including many previously unpublished facts, revealed here for the very first time in print. This story begins at the genesis of Motorhead, the struggles, the hardships, and the poverty; when no one but founder, bassist and vocalist, Lemmy Kilmister, had any faith in his band. His focus, tunnel-vision, and conviction to play the music he wanted to play has remained undiminished over the past 35 years and counting, and Lemmy’s present status as a rock icon is proof that he was right to follow his vision. Today, with his long-time band cohorts, Phil Campbell on guitar, and Mikkey Dee on drums, the trio are regarded as one of the greatest rock bands in the world. Here we have it, everything you ever wanted to know about Motorhead, but were afraid to ask! The ultimate guide to one of the greatest rock bands of all time, Motorhead! 200+ full colour, glossy pages with shiny silver trim featuring rare and early photos, unreleased material, and more information about the band than any other book on the market – all bound in a gorgeous sliver and red embossed hard cover! Fully approved and endorsed by Lemmy (who also provides a brief note in the introduction).
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by Alan Burridge
The interviews that took place between December 1980 and November 1981, when recording the Ace Of Spades album, covering the aftermath of the Bingley and Port Vale gigs, and during the mixing of the No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith album.



COLLECTOR’S GUIDE by Mick Stevenson Published by Cherry Red Records The Motörhead Collector’s Guide is a complete update and revamp of a much sought after title originally published in 1994 (which now sells regularly for £50+ on the second hand book market). This modern, well designed new edition tells an alternate history of the band via its discography and collectables, along with choice selections from the infamous fanzine Motörheadbangers. The author is the undisputed authority on the band and his vast collection is explored chronologically and at length, alongside selected highlights and extracts from the zine, in a title that will appeal to everybody from the die-hard Motörhead fan (and there are many!) to the casual rock reader. Record and musical memorabilia collectors will also find the title of great interest, and the international nature of the author’s collection and knowledge adds a fantastic worldwide appeal.


 by Alan Burridge
If you’re a fan of Motorhead…then let’s go.Motorheadbangers, the official fan club for rock giants, Motorhead, has never stopped. Like the band on tour, in the studio and playing live to audiences across the world, Motorheadbangers, through its stalwart fan base, has matched the band’s enthusiasm to keep going against all the odds. Since the first fanzine the fan club membership has written of their experiences at seeing and meeting the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world. In this way, Motorhead’s history has been catalogued. But the majority of those fanzines have long been out of print. “MOTORHEADHEADBANGERS: DIARY OF THE FANS VOLUME 1” re-prints the first part of that long lost history. Within these pages you can smell the pyro, the dry ice and the beer stained concert hall floors. You can feel the sweat sticking your T-shirt to your back. You can see those gigs in your mind’s eye and be deafened by the loudest band in the world.